Pixie Bully Sticks

Petite but pleasurable. Natural Farm Pixie Bully Sticks are lighter and thinner chews with full beef flavor. Great for puppies, small breeds, and senior dogs. A leaner and more hollow shape compared to classic bully sticks, makes the Pixie Bully Sticks easier to chew. A healthy outlet for energy with joint and dental benefits. 

Dainty and delightful: Natural Farm Pixie Bully Sticks are lighter, thinner chews which make them a great choice for smaller breeds, senior dogs, light chewers, and puppies. Their hollow shape cleans teeth while their rich flavor promotes increased saliva to support dental health. A fully-digestible and natural source of amino acids for improved muscle health, joint health, and brain function. A fun treat and ideal energy outlet without unnatural chemicals. 

  • Best for light chewers, puppies, senior dogs, small breeds 
  • Support dental health and help stimulate jaw muscles 
  • Benefits joint health, brain function, coat health, and muscle tone 
  • Natural beef scented, fully digestible, low in fat, and high in protein 
  • Single-ingredient: Natural beef pizzle 
  • Grain-free, hormone-free, & chemical-free 
  • Made from grass-fed, free-range cattle in Brazil 

Ingredients: Natural beef pizzle

Approximate Kcal per unit:
6 Inch: 35 Kcal  10 Inch: 58 Kcal
UM (max) moisture9.794
PB (min) protein85.246
MM (max) ash2.726
EE (min) – fat0.892
FB (max) fiber0.378

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