Bully Springs

A great way to keep your dog busy and promote positive behavior. Spiral-shaped odor free bully sticks provide dogs with real protein and real fun. The unique curly cue shape eliminates boredom, promotes mental engagement, and cleans teeth. Free from synthetic flavors, preservatives, or hormones.

Long-lasting fun with a flavorful twist: our odor free Bully Springs are an excellent way to keep your dog satisfied. These tasty dog treats are high in 100% natural protein and amino acids for strong muscles, a bright mind, and a beautiful coat. The spring shape effectively cleans your dog’s teeth by scraping away plaque and tartar while providing a healthy outlet for excess energy (and anxiety). Like our bully sticks, bully springs are a long-lasting chew ideal for light and medium chewers. Beneficial without artificial ingredients. Made from 100% grass-fed beef.

  • Fully digestible & softens as chewed
  • Best for light and medium chewers
  • Uniquely shaped for effective dental cleaning and great mental stimulation
  • High in protein & amino acids for healthy coat and body
  • Single ingredient: Natural beef pizzle
  • Grain free, hormone free, & chemical free

Ingredients: Natural beef pizzle

Approximate Kcal per unit:
5-6 Inch: 89 Kcal  10-12 Inch: 157 Kcal 
UM (max) moisture9.794
PB (min) protein85.246
MM (max) ash2.726
EE (min) – fat0.892
FB (max) fiber0.378

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