Bully Bites

Bite-sized and beneficial: Our small 2 to 3-inch Bully Stick Bites provide the perks of full-sized bully sticks for petite breeds, puppies, or as quick treats. The best alternative to rawhide or messy and processed chewable treats. Great for joint health, these small chews are gentle on a sensitive stomach, making them ideal for dogs of all ages.

Small-scale treats provide full flavor: Natural Farm’s Bully Stick Bites come in 2-to-3inch bully stick bites for a faster and funner chew treat. Unlike rawhide and overly-processed treats, Bully Stick Bites are 100% digestible, free of synthetic chemicals, and all-natural. A pint-sized treat packed with beef flavor, rich protein, and joint, muscle, and dental health benefits. Their petite size makes them ideal for dogs of all ages, especially for small & medium-sized dogs. Great for short breaks and intermittent mental engagement throughout the day. 

  • Best for light or medium chewers
  • Support dental health and help stimulate jaw muscles 
  • A natural source of rich protein & amino acids 
  • Boost joint, muscle, and brain health 
  • Odor-free, fully digestible, low in fat, and light in protein 
  • Single-ingredient: Natural beef pizzle 
  • Grain-free, hormone-free, & chemical-free 
  • Made from grass-fed, free-range cattle in Brazil

Ingredients: Natural beef pizzle

Approximate Kcal per inch: 16 Kcal
UM (max) moisture9.794
PB (min) protein85.246
MM (max) ash2.726
EE (min) – fat0.892
FB (max) fiber0.378

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