Select Bully Sticks

The same tasty experience as our OG Bully Sticks–just maximized! We hand-select every Bully Stick to ensure that each tasty treat is uniform with the same thickness. These flavorful treats are as beneficial as they are fun. They aid in joint health along with brain health while providing dogs with extended entertainment. All without chemicals.

Premium pleasure and flavor: Natural Farm’s Select Bully Sticks provide dogs with the tasty experience of our Standard Bully Sticks. How do they differ from our original bully sticks? Each Select Bully Stick is carefully hand-selected for uniformity and even thickness. These long-lasting chews are an excellent source of mental stimulation and engagement along with amino acids for joint support, muscle tone, and improved brain function. Each package contains 1 pound of beef in a uniform size of 6-Inch Bully sticks. The quantity will vary from 13 to 17 sticks for a consistent final weight of 1 pound. For the 12” Bully Stick bag, the quantity may vary from 8 to 10 sticks, but the final bag weight will always be 1 pound. Your dog deserves a Select experience. 

  • Best for medium chewers 
  • Support dental health and help stimulate jaw muscles 
  • Amino acids for joint, muscle, and brain health 
  • Odor-free, fully digestible, low in fat, and high in protein 
  • Single-ingredient: Natural beef pizzle 
  • Grain-free, hormone-free, & chemical-free 
  • Made from grass-fed, free-range cattle in Brazil 

Ingredients: Natural beef pizzle

Approximate Kcal per unit:
6 Inch: 88 Kcal  12 Inch: 175 Kcal
UM (max) moisture9.794
PB (min) protein85.246
MM (max) ash2.726
EE (min) – fat0.892
FB (max) fiber0.378

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